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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Speaking Skill

Speaking Skill 

One of the basic problems in foreign language teaching is to prepare learners to able to use the language. Speaking is one of language skills that need practices much. It is not the same as knowledge obtained by learning process. Speaking as a skill couldn’t be learned only, but is has to be practiced continually. 
Speaking is one of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). According to Tarigan (1981 :3) state that speaking of speak is a language skill which is growth in the child’s life and its only limits on the listening skill even the speaking skill is learned at the period. 
Speaking skill have two word element, they are skill and to speak. Tarigan (1981: 15) defines that speaking skill is the ability to communicate and speech articulation or to speak a talk for expressing an ideas and massages. And skill is the ability to learn and to do something has been learned (depdikbud, 1989:552).From the definition above, it can conclude that speaking skill is ability which is communicating the speech sound for expressing and conveying a massage or ideas.
No language skill is so difficult to assess with precision as speaking ability. Like writing, speaking is a complex skill requiring the simultaneous use of a number of different abilities which often developed at different rates.    According to Harmer (2992 : 269) says that the ability to speak fluently presupposes not only a knowledge of language feature, but also the ability to process information and language on the spot. The element of language features are the following
  1. Connected speech. It means that effective speakers of English need to be able not only to produce the individual phonemes of English, but also to use fluent connect speech.
  2. Expressive devices, it mean that how to change the pitch and stress of particular part of utterances, vary volume and speed, and so by other physical and won verbal.
  3. Lexis and grammar. It means that spontaneous speech is marked by the use of a number of common lexical phrases, especially in the performance of certain language function


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