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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dada Chan : Sexy Pseudo-Model

Dada Chan a.k.a Chen Jing

Place of Born : Hong Kong
Date of Born : 22 March 1989
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Cup : E
Filmography : Mr. Zhai (2011), MicroSex Office (2011), Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Vulgaria (2012)

Dada Chan aka Chen Jing is one of sexy Asian model from China. She was born on the 22 of March 1989 in Shanghai China. Dada Chan is very popular for E-Cup Girl

These make Dada Chan has invited to play in Lan Kwai Fong (2011). With the height of 167 cm and only 48 kg, Dada Chan is a perfect goddess to be admired by all men in the world. 

Dada Chan appear in some commercial product, advertisement, national and international events which is held in China and Hong Kong. Dada Chan also appear in some car show events, local TV program. You can also find her photo shoot in Calender and Men Magazine.

Dada Chan is smart and professional model. She can speak Cantonese fluently and speak a little English.  Dada Chan is also play fro several Hong Kong Erotic Movies such as Mr. Zhai, Microsex Office and Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Her newest movie is Vulgaria (2012). Dada Chan played very sensual in Lan Kwai Fong (2011). Dada Chan has become one of sex icon in China and Hong Kong. 

Here are some of sexy and gorgeous photo shoot of Dada Chan, a sexy pseudo model

That is some information about Dada Chen Sexy Pseudo Model and some gorgeous photo shoot of Dada Chan

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