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The Importance of Speaking

The Importance of Speaking  Speaking is the vital skill for human being. It is very important for people to communicate in society. Unfo... thumbnail 1 summary
The Importance of Speaking 

Speaking is the vital skill for human being. It is very important for people to communicate in society. Unfortunately, Speaking is in many ways an undervalued skill. The reason of being that is because almost the people in the world are able to speak (DEPDIKBUD Jateng : Matrei Pelatihan Peningkatan Kemampuan Guru Bahasa Inggris. 2002). Speaking is, however, a skill which deserves attention every bit as much as literary skill. This is true because people who learn English as foreign or second language often need to be able to speak with confidence in order to carry out many of their transactions. There are some reasons to cover the importance of speaking especially for the non-native language student.
Louma (2003 : 14) points out that teaching and testing experts often talk about speaking as a technical term to refer to one of the various skills that language learners should developed and have. More over, she explains that this type of speaking tends to be seen as something that individuals do. It is legitimate and for educational purpose useful to see speaking in this way too because it is true that individuals speak and an important part of language use in personal. Nevertheless, it is also important to remember that speaking forms a part of the shared social activity of talking.
In typical spoken interaction, two or more people talk each other about things that they think mutually interesting and relevant in the situation. ( Their aims can be pass the time, amuse each other, share opinion or get something done, or they can aim to do several of these and other things at once.  The point in their interaction is that they do these things together. Each participant is both a speaker and a listener construct the event together and shares the right to influence the outcomes.
Bruumfit (1978 : 15) points out that people speak to communicate each other in many transactions.  Although all skill are equally important, so speaking skill as the people have to communicate with other people in person at their job and in their normal life. More than transactions in the society use speaking skill or spoken language. People are speaking in every daily conversation.
With the globalization, it’s important to speak English to communicate internationally whether on a cultural or commercial level ( The opening of borders in Europe also opens up numerous career and life opportunities. On a personal level, language is main vehicle for transmission of cultures; learning opens a window onto the richness and cultural diversity of the world. 
In addition, speaking a certain language, especially English is needed for many people who leaving a home and moving to a new place (  All of the issue in finding a job, making friends, etc are influenced by the ability to communicate within the community. A number of studies have consistently demonstrated that those who have an advanced knowledge of speaking are much more likely to advance their careers.
Moreover, speaking certain language helps one to have a better position in the society ( A bilingual skill enables one to communicate with more and more people. Many times people are not able to communicate just because they do not know a common language to speak. Speaking to person in his own mother tongue, would make him very friendly. In it is stated that obviously people like speaking in their own mother tongue. Speaking certain language fluently makes someone interact well with other in job and education, know and understand what people said.
In the field of organization, some organizations exist in order to communicate. Most have another purpose such as to sell a product or services, to supply a social need, to implement plans and policies ( Yet, to do those things, organization spend and enormous amount of time energy and money communicating. People in organization communicate in many ways such as face to face in two person discussion, in informal group in meeting, etc.
Pincas ( 1978: 69) states that good speaking will enforce the quality of communication, discussion or decision to meet the achievement and goals. This is true since speaking is a very important attribute in communication.

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  1. you right my brother. speaking is very crucial. i think this is very important skill in language learning.


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