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Friday, August 31, 2012

Here are the Result of UEFA Champions League Group Stage Drawing

UEFA has release the result of UEFA Champions League Group Stage Drawing on Thursday, 30 August 2012 in Monaco. There are 32 Clubs joined the UEFA Champions League Group Stage Drawing. They were divided into 8 groups. The fixtures will be started on the 18 September 2012. 

From the drawing, group D is the most dangerous group than all. There are 4 teams which won domestic title last season. That would be a hard and difficult game in every leg. Another group is relatively easy and normal group. Here are the result of UEFA Champions League Group Stage Drawing. 

Dynamo Kyiv
Dinamo Zagreb


AC Milan
Zenit  St P

Real Madrid
Man. City
Borussia Dortmund

Shaktar Donetsk

Bayern Munchen

Spartak Moskva
Glasgow Celtic

Man. United
CFR Cluj

Let's see who will win the UEFA Champions League title this season. 

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here are the Most Popular Hong Kong Pseudo-Model

Pseudo-model can be defined as a model who do not have physical quality required as a professional model. This is a new phenomenon which happen in Hong Kong and China. 

Some of pseudo-model become popular soon after they released her book or DVD containing her sexy and fabulous photo shoot

Although they didn't get any training as a professional model, they truly have curve and sexy body as a model. They took their pictures and compiled them into personal photograph and then released them in the book fair. 

All pseudo-model has gone wild in their photograph album. You can find all of their sexy photo wearing sexy outfit and bikini by browsing in this site or Google. There are some very popular Hong Kong pseudo-model you can find on the net. 

Here are some of sexiest and hottest Hong Kong pseudo model. 
  1. Chrissie Chau
  2. Janice Man
  3. Angela Baby
  4. Wylie Chiu
  5. Maggie
  6. Kama Lo
  7. Dada Lo
  8. Yumi
  9. Rainbow
  10. Miyoko E cup baby
  11. Lavina
  12. Marie Zhuge
  13. Dada Chan
  14. Jeana Ho
  15. Phoebe Hui
  16. Irene (new comer as pseudo-model)
  17. Ar Yu (new comer as pseudo-model)
  18. Vilian (new comer as pseudo-model)
  19. Caroline (new comer as pseudo-model)
  20. Sweet (new comer as pseudo-model)
  21. Evelyn Choi
  22. Mia

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Shiga Lin - I'm Still Loving You (Free Download MP3 and Lyric)

As we know that, Shiga Lin is a very popular singer in Hongkong and China. Shiga Lin also appeared in Hongkong Erotic Movies ; Lan Kwai Fong (2011) and Lan Kwai Fong (2012).
Shiga Lin also sing a song for official soundtrack of Lan Kwai Fong (2011) entitled I'm Still Loving You. When you listen the song, you will know how beautiful she is. What a wonderful voices. Here are the lyric of I'm Still Loving You .

I'm Still Loving You

When I close my eyes I think of you
And the time we've had been through
Even though were apart right now
I remember back when you here with me
How you've made my world complete
But now I'm left alone
We talked about love and hope
Wishing we could start a life a our own
I wish that I could live without you

Why did you tear my heart apart
You said You'll love me from the start
All those painful things you've put me through
But I'm still loving you
I've tried to give my best to you
I don't deserve the things you do
Everything has gone to memories
I just wish I knew the truth behind the lies

Why did you tear my heart apart
You said You'll love me from the start
All those painful things you've put me through
But I'm still loving you
I've tried to give my best to you
I don't deserve the things you do
Everything has gone to memories
I just wish I knew the truth 
behind the lies

If you want to listen the song through your gadget. You can download the song below :

Free Download : 

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

4 Tantalizing Places in Moscow (Russia)

There is no doubt that as the capital city of Russia, Moscow is one of the big city in the world which has many gorgeous and tantalizing places to visit for the holiday. Moscow itself is located in Central Federal District. The city is growing faster and faster to be the most modern city in the world.

Beside the beauty of Moskva River which flow in the center of the city, Moscow also very famous for tourist destination. There are at least 4 tantalizing places in Moscow which I suggest for those who like to go traveling around the world. What are they? Let's check it out! 

1. The Kremlin
The first gorgeous and tantalizing places in Moscow is The Kremlin. I believe that you the reader know about The Kremlin.  Yes, this is the most popular tourist attraction in Moscow and Russia. People who visit Russia, they must visit The Kremlin. Kremlin is located in the center of Moscow. We all believe that The Kremlin is very popular for monumental towers and walls, fabulous golden domed cathedral and gorgeous ancient palace. All of them standing on the Hill of Borovitskiy in the bank of Moskva River. 

The Kremlin has been used as the official residence of the Russian President since 1991. The Kremlin has been decided to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Inside The Kremlin, you can visit fabulous the Armoury Chamber, very well known Assumption Cathedral, and many others. If you are interested to visit The Tantalizing Kremlin, you can visit daily except Thursday start from 10.00 - 17.00. You can get The Kremlin by subway Borovitskaya Station. 

2. The Gorky Park
The second fabulous and tantalizing places in Moscow is The Gorky Park. The Gorky Park which is also known as The Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is one of the most famous amusement park in Moskwo and Russia. The Gorky Park is situated in Krymsky Val. The Gorky Park was built just across the Moskwo River and opened since 1928. The Gorky Park extend outward along the bank of the Moskva River. The Gorky Park is divide into to part for Children Area and Older Area.

Just like another Amusement Park, The Gorky Park offers us many fabulous rides. You can try and enjoy amazing Rollercoaster and Funfair rides. In addition, don't forget to hire horse and boat there. The Gorky Park also offers ice skating area in winter. You can also enjoy fabulous Soviet Space Shutle Buran. If you are interested to visit The Gorky Park, you can visit daily from 10.00 - 22.00 by Park Cultury or Oktiabrskaya Metro Station.

3. The State Historical Museum
The next fabulous and tantalizing places in Moscow is The State Museum which is also known as The State Historical Museum. The State Museum was firstly open in 1984. The State Museum was built as the result of long project to build up many kinds of gorgeous anthropological and archaelogical collection into one museum so that it can tell a whole story of the Russian History. That is why each room in this fabulous Hystorical State Museum is decorated in different style. You can see how Russia grow from time to time in this museum.

If you are interested to visit Tantalizing Historical State Museum, You can visit daily (except Tuesday) from 11.00 - 19.00 by Metro Station Okhotny Ryad or Ploshad Revolutsii. If you are hungry during walk around the museum, you can rest at the restaurant, Red Square 1.

4. The Ice Sculpture Gallery
The last tantalizing places in Moscow which I suggest is Ice Sculpture Gallery. The Amazing Ice Sculpture Gallery is one of the most visited tourist spot in Moscow. The Ice Sculpture Gallery open all year long because the temperature is kept at 10 degree Celsius. This is to keep the ice creation and to prevent the ice melting. The Ice Sculpture Gallery offers many kinds of ice sculpture by Russian Ice Sculpture.

You can enjoy the beautiful creation of ice sculpture accompanied by music and wonderful light. Don't forget to wear your thick jacket, gloves, hat and special shoes when you walk around the gallery. You will never regret to visit The Ice Sculpture Gallery.

That are the four tantalizing places in Moscow. You can visit with your family in your next holiday. You will never regret to visit them. Happy traveling.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dada Chan : Sexy Pseudo-Model

Dada Chan a.k.a Chen Jing

Place of Born : Hong Kong
Date of Born : 22 March 1989
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Cup : E
Filmography : Mr. Zhai (2011), MicroSex Office (2011), Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Vulgaria (2012)

Dada Chan aka Chen Jing is one of sexy Asian model from China. She was born on the 22 of March 1989 in Shanghai China. Dada Chan is very popular for E-Cup Girl

These make Dada Chan has invited to play in Lan Kwai Fong (2011). With the height of 167 cm and only 48 kg, Dada Chan is a perfect goddess to be admired by all men in the world. 

Dada Chan appear in some commercial product, advertisement, national and international events which is held in China and Hong Kong. Dada Chan also appear in some car show events, local TV program. You can also find her photo shoot in Calender and Men Magazine.

Dada Chan is smart and professional model. She can speak Cantonese fluently and speak a little English.  Dada Chan is also play fro several Hong Kong Erotic Movies such as Mr. Zhai, Microsex Office and Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Her newest movie is Vulgaria (2012). Dada Chan played very sensual in Lan Kwai Fong (2011). Dada Chan has become one of sex icon in China and Hong Kong. 

Here are some of sexy and gorgeous photo shoot of Dada Chan, a sexy pseudo model

That is some information about Dada Chen Sexy Pseudo Model and some gorgeous photo shoot of Dada Chan

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Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Tantalizing Places in Philippines

Philippines is one of the country in Southeast Asia. Philippines is an archipelago country with more than 7,000 islands spread from North to South. As an archipelago country, Philippines offer us many gorgeous places to visit in the holiday

The wonderful scenery spread along the island in Philippines. The geographical nature make this archipelago country become one of tourist destination from around the world because of its tourism attraction.

For you who like to travel around the world, there is no reason not to visit Philippines soon. There are at least 5 wonderful places to visit in Philippines. Prepare your holiday to visit 5 tantalizing places in Philippines and enjoy your holiday with your family or friend. 

1. Boracay
First tantalizing places in Philippines is Boracay. Boracay is a small Philippines island in the northwest corner of Panay Island. Boracay island is located approximately 196 mil in the south of Manila. A thousand foreign tourist from around the world visit this island every year. Many activities can be done in Boracay island. Visitors can take some beautiful scenery. In addition, they can do another activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing and beach relaxation.

2. Bohol
Another tantalizing places in Philippines is Bohol. Bohol becomes on of the most attractive tourist destination in the Philippines. Bohol is situated in the Central Visayas Region. It is very famous for beaches and resorts. Visitors can see white sandy beaches dot the coast of the island. One of the most popular beaches in Bohol is Panglao Island. Alternatively, visitors can see numerous waterfalls and caves scattered across the island. Another destination is Chocolate Hill.

3. Hundred Island National Park
The next gorgeous places in Philippines is Hundred Island National Park. It is located in the northern Philippines, Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Most of them are coral island. There are three island which are developed for tourist destination, they are Children's Island, Quezon Island and Governor Island. Visitors can take one day tour or stay over night in the resorts cottages spread in Children's island, Quezon island and Governor island.

4. Vigan 
The other tantalizing places in Philippines is Vigan. Vigan is one of the most popular tourist destination in Philippines. The city is well known for unique architecture and cobblestone street. That is why, Vigan becomes one of the world heritage sites. Visitors can enjoy many festivals held in Vigan in several occasion such as Semana Santa Festival and Viva Vigan Arts & Industry Festival. In addition, they can rent a cart to walk around the old city.

5. Banaue Rice Terrace
Last but not least in Banaue Rice Terrace.  It is located 216 miles from Manila. Banaue Rice Terrace offers us with wonderful and magnificent scenery. Banaue has developed to be Philippine Tourism. Visitor can enjoy traditional sightseeing of the terrace and take some wonderful pictures. Enjoy the fresh air while walking through the slope and see beautiful rice terrace.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nootsara Tomkom : Cantik, Muda, Berprestasi

Bagi penggemar olahraga bola voli, nama Nootsara Tomkom tentu sudah tidak asing lagi. Dara cantik dan seksi berkebangsaan Thailand ini adalah pemain bola voli pujaan kaum adam.

Penampilan yang konsisten ditambah paras ayu di setiap laga, membuat Nootsara Tomkom menjadi pusat perhatian penonton yang hadir di stadion dan ini menjadi daya tarik tersendiri dalam setiap pertandingan.

Gadis cantik dan seksi yang lahir pada tanggal 7 Juli 1985 ini telah menjadi salah satu ikon bola voli di Thailand bahkan di Asia Tenggara. Di dalam negeri, Nootsara merupakan salah satu pemain pujaan masyarakat Thailand. Salah satu alasannya adalah penampilan yang selalu prima di setiap laga.

Nootsara Tomkom, memang memiliki bentuk tubuh yang ideal untuk menjadi pemain bola voli. Banyak orang mengatakan, tubuhnya yang seksi sepantasnya menjadi seorang model. Dengan tinggi badan 169 cm dan berat 69 kg, membuat Nootsara selalu menjadi pilihan utama di team nasional bola voli Thailand. 

Nootsara Tomkam telah bermain sebanyak lebih dari 39 kali untuk team nasional Thailand di berbagai kejuaraan bola voli internasional, baik di kejuaran Asia maupun dunia Sejak bermain regular tahun 2007, Nootsara telah berganti club sebanyak 4 kali, yaitu Federbrau, Kanti Shafhausen, Chang dan Azzerail Baku. 

Pemain yang berposisi sebagai setter ini, sukses membawa klub yang dibelanya meraih prestasi tertinggi, diantaranya Juara Asia tahun 2009 dan 2010 bersama Federbrau dan Juara Asia 2011 bersama Chang.
Secara individu, Nootsara Tomkom juga berhasil meraih prestasi-prestasi membanggakan. Diantaranya sebagai Best Setter dan Most Valuable Player dalam kurun waktu 2007-2012 di berbagai kejuaran Asia dan Dunia.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Inilah Daftar 12 Nama Pemain Team Nasional Bola Voli Korea Selatan

Korea Selatan bisa dibilang gudangnya pemain bola voli top dunia. Postur yang tinggi dan skill yang mumpuni membuat Team Nasional Bola Voli Korea Selatan cukup disegani di Asia bahkan dunia. Banyak prestasi membanggakan yang mereka ciptakan di lingkup Asia bahkan dunia. 

Meski dikalahkan Amerika Serikat pada laga semifinal di Olimpiade London 2012, langkah perjuangan Team Nasional Bola Voli Korea Selatan patut diacungi jempol. Sempat kalah di beberapa pertandingan penting, Kim Sa-Nee dan kawan-kawan akhrinya biasa maju ke semi final melawan Amerika Serikat meskipun akhirnya kalah.

Semangat tak kenal lelah dan pantang menyerah ala Tae-guk Warriors mereka tunjukkan di event akbar sekelas Olimpiade London 2012 kali ini.  Kim Sa-Nee dan kawan-kawan masih berpeluang untuk memperoleh medali perunggu. Menunggu hasil semifinal kedua antara Jepang dan Brazil. Pelatih Team Nasional Bola Voli Korea Selatan, 

Kim Hyung Sil tetap memotivasi ke 12 anak asuhnya untuk menghadapi laga selanjutnya. Ia dan anak asuhnya yakin akan memperoleh medali nantinya. Nama-nama seperti Kim Sa-Nee, Kim Yeon -Koung, Yang Hyo-Jin dan Han Song Yi masih menjadi andalan untuk meraih poin di setiap set nya. Siapa sajakah anggota Team Nasional Bola Voli Korea Selatan? Yuk kita simak bersama!

Daftar Nama Pemain Team Nasional Bola Voli Korea Selatan
  1. Ha Joon-Eem (3) - 26 Desember 1989
  2. Kim Sa-Nee ((4) - 21 Juni 1981
  3. Kim Hae-Ran (5) - 16 Maret 1984
  4. Lim Hyo Sok (7) - 16 April 1982
  5. Kim Yeon-Koung (10) - 26 Februari 1988
  6. Han Yoo-Mi (11) - 5 Februari 1982
  7. Han Song-Yi (12) - 5 September 1984
  8. Jung Dae-Young (13) - 12 Agustus 1981
  9. Hwang Youn-Joo (14) - 13 Agustus 1986
  10. Yang Hyo-Jin (17) - 14 Desember 1989
  11. Kim Hee-Jin (19) - 29 April 1991
  12. Lee Sok-Ja (20) - 17 Juni 1980

Pelatih : Kim Hyung Sil

Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Best Chinese Romance Movie to Watch in 2012

There is no doubt that Chinese Movie is as well as Hollywood Movie and Bollywood Movie. A thousand Chinese movie with various genre has released in China, Hong Kong and many countries in the world. Many producers and directors seriously produce new movie every year. 

Chinese Movies and Hong Kong Movies has been spread widely in the world due to the quality of the film it self. Many best producers, directors actors and actress has supported the production of Chinese Movies. 

There are many best actors and actress behind the production of Hong Kong Movies such as Cherril Yang, Jeana Ho, Chrissie Chau, Shiga Lin, Ella Chen, Nichola Tse, Tong Dawei, Chen Handian and many others. 

The other reason why Chinese Movie and Hong Kong Movies is very popular is the appearance of sexy pseudo-models in some drama and romance Chinese Movies. Drama and Romance Chines Movies is one of the most viewed movies. That is why some directors and producer are focused to produce high quality of Drama and Romance Chinese Movies. 

There are many Drama and Romance Chinese Movies that are released in 2012. But in my opinion, there are at least 5 best Chinese Romance Movies to watch in 2012. Let's check it out!

1. 100% Kiss

Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Director :  Elva Hsiao
Cast : Elva Hsiao, Wang Bo-Chieh, Kenny Bee, Cherryl Yang, Adriene Lin, Ke Xaying
Release : January 2012
Also known as : Yi Bai Fen De Wen
Run Time : 60 minutes

2. Dangerous Liaisons

Country : China, South Korea, Singapore
Language : Mandarin
Director : Hur Jin-Ho
Cast : Zhang Ziyi, Cecilia Cheung, Jang Dong-Gun, Dou Xiao, Lisa Lu
Release : 27 September 2012
Also known as : Wie Xian Guan Xi
Run Time : 110 minutes

3. Holding Love

Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Director : Zhang Qi
Cast : Yang Mi, Hawick Lan, Chrissie Chau, Feng Danying, Sherman Chung, Eric Tsang
Release : 23 August 2012
Also known as : Hold My Love
Run time : 95 minutes

4. Lan Kwai Fong 2

Country : Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Director : Wilson Chin
Cast : Shiga Lin, Kelvin Kwan, Izumi Lin, Alvis Chan, Mia Chan, Dominc Ho, Sita Chan, Benedict Chong, Sammy Sum
Release : 11 August 2012
Also known as : Xi Ai Ye Pu 2
Run time : 110 minutes

5. Lives in Flame

Country : Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Director : Jackie Lee
Cast : Mag Lam, Michelle Wai, Jeana Ho, Xian Seli, Linda Wong, Michael Chan, Eva Lai, William Chan
Release : 12 April 2012
Also known as : Qi Shi Yao Gun
Run time : 100 minutes

That is 5 best chinese romance movie to watch in 2012. Don't miss it to watch the movie. You will never regret. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jeana Ho : Sexy DJ and HK Model

Name : Jeana Ho
Nationality : Hong Kong
Born : 2 April 1989
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Measurement : 33-24-34
Cup Size : C
Jeana Ho is one of the most sexiest Hong Kong Model. Jeana Ho is a young woman who was born in 2 April 1989. Jeana Ho was became Hong Kong sex symbol today. 

Many people talked about her. Jeana has cute smile, pretty face, sexy breast and lips. Jeana Ho is 173 cm tall and only 47 kg in weight. 

With the body measurement 33 24 34, Jeana Ho always looks more and more sexy. That is why many film producer offers her to play in HK erotic movie

Jeana Ho has appeared in some erotic and raunchy Hong Kong Movie. One of them is Lan Kwai Fong 2011. She played with Shiga Lin, Chrissie Chow, Dada Chan and etc. The other movie she played is Beach Spike, Love is the only answer.and Marriage with a Liar.

One of the most interesting part of her is her sexy breast. The first sight people when see her is coming to the her sexy breast. There is no doubt that Jeana Ho has sexy breast after some surgery.And here are some Jeana sexy and hot photos. Enjoy watching her beauty, please!

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Sexy HK Model Shiga Lin

Name : Shiga Lin
Born : Hong Kong, 29 June 1988
Film : Lan Kwai Fong 2011
Play as : Jennifer
Profession : Singer, model, actress 

For those who like Asian Sexy model, Shiga Lin is one of the most sexy and popular sexy Asian Model. She has beautiful face, cute smile and sexy lips. Sexy Shiga is the most wanted woman for men.

Shiga Lin, a sexy HK Model and singer become sex symbol in Hong Kong today. From her appearance in HK Erotic Film, Lan Kwai Fong 2011, Shiga Lin becomes popular as sex icon in Hong Kong. 

Sexy Shiga was born in Hong Kong, on the 29 of June 1988. She is very young for erotic scene in Lan Kwai Fong 2011. She plays as Jennifer in Lan Kwai Fong 2011. 

She also has beautiful voice. She sing a song as a sound track of Lan Kwai Fong 2011 entitled I'm Still Loving You. 

Shiga Lin with Jeana Ho, Chrissie Chow and Dada Chan nowadays become sex symbol and Hong Kong sexy model. And here are some of sexy photo Shiga Lin.

Chrissie Chow : Sexy and Smart

Chrissie Chow also known as Chrissie Chau is a the most sexiest girl I ever known. Chrissie Chow was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China on May 22, 1985. With the 32D, 24, 34 body measurement, there is no doubt that many young man would be interested to see her beauty. 

Many people said that Chrissie Chow is a controversial model because Chrissie often dare to show her sexy body in front of the camera. Chrissie Chow often play in some erotic Hongkong film. Her first debut was Bet to Basic (2006). 

But she become very popular when she played in Whomb Ghosts (2009). Soon after that, her career went higher and higher. Some of her movie are Love Undercover 3, Playboy Cops, City Under Siege, Beach Spike. And the most favorite movie and popular movie for her is Lan Kwai Fong (2011)

Chrissie dare to show only wearing bra and bikini. She also dare to play in sexy and erotic scene because it is a professional job. Here are some of her beauty. Enjoy reading and seeing, please!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lan Kwai Fong (2011) : Full of Sexy Woman

If you like Hong Kong Movie, you must be familiar with Lan Kwai Fong (2011). Lan Kwai Fong (2011) is a kind of drama film made in Hong Kong.

This film is inspired by the night life in District Lan Kwai Fong, one of popular district in Hong Kong which is popular with the night life, restaurant, sexy woman, pub, bar and night clubs.

Lan Kwai Fong (2011) is a good drama film. It tell us about a group of young man and woman who spend their days in Lan Kwa Fong.

The romantic stories happen between some of them and brought them to the special relation on the bed. Lan Kwai Fong (2011) presented the story line very well and detail. You can follow the plot easily.

For those who are more than 18 years old, you can watch many erotic scene in this film. There are many sexy woman in this film and they are very enjoy play their role. Lan Kwai Fong 2011 is starring by many pretty and sexy actress such as Chrissie Chow, Shiga Lin, Jeanna Ho. They dare to show their sexy bra and pants, play on the bed, teasing and kissing. And here are sexy woman in the Lan Kwai Fong (2011).
  1. Chrissie Chow
  2. Race Wong
  3. Sherman Chung
  4. Jacqueline Chong
  5. Gloria Wong
  6. Jeanna Ho
  7. Shiga Lin
  8. Dada Chan
  9. Stephanie Chen
  10. Miki Yeung
  11. Emme Wong

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