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Sunday, October 23, 2011



As stated in (, speech, language and communication are the indispensable tools that help people to communicate, distribute and share thoughts, suggestions, ideas and emotions. Languages and dialects are a set of well-defined rules and clauses shared by people, who like to communicate with others ( This tool helps us to exchange thoughts, ideas, and emotions with one another. 
To begin with, it is important to understand the term speaking before go to the next explanations. There are some definitions about speaking which is proposed by some experts. These have brought the assumption that speaking is the core in learning English.
Broughton (1978 : 7) explained that Language is an integral part of learning and plays a key role in classroom teaching and learning. Speaking is merely used as a tool to support and guide reading and writing.
Speaking refers to uttering speech, used for conveying speech. Speaking also mean delivering an address to a public audience (
Speaking is the action illustrating languages ( It is the action of digesting feeling. Speaking is the action of communication between one person to another person or another group of people with particular languages, accent and characteristic system of communicating. More over, it is stated that speaking is a very powerful tool for communication in this world. Speaking is the symbol of understanding between people of different personalities and groups (
Martin (1991: 398) states that speaking is saying or talking things, to express thought, idea, feeling, etc using certain language. It means that Speaking is the action of communication between one person to another person or another group of people with particular languages.
In lined with martin, Flavel (1978: 30) points out that speaking means the process of communication in which the speaker adjusts the way he speak according the situation using certain ways of talking which is appropriate to communicate.
Speak is the act of using the mouth to verbalize expressions in order to convey information, an opinion, a feeling, directions or a thought. It is part of the act of communication. Speaking is the act of using speech in conveying information, expression, giving direction or sharing thought and feelings ( 
From the explanation above, it can be concluded that speaking is the action illustrating thought, suggestions, emotions and ideas.

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