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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here are the Most Popular Hong Kong Pseudo-Model

Pseudo-model can be defined as a model who do not have physical quality required as a professional model. This is a new phenomenon which happen in Hong Kong and China. 

Some of pseudo-model become popular soon after they released her book or DVD containing her sexy and fabulous photo shoot

Although they didn't get any training as a professional model, they truly have curve and sexy body as a model. They took their pictures and compiled them into personal photograph and then released them in the book fair. 

All pseudo-model has gone wild in their photograph album. You can find all of their sexy photo wearing sexy outfit and bikini by browsing in this site or Google. There are some very popular Hong Kong pseudo-model you can find on the net. 

Here are some of sexiest and hottest Hong Kong pseudo model. 
  1. Chrissie Chau
  2. Janice Man
  3. Angela Baby
  4. Wylie Chiu
  5. Maggie
  6. Kama Lo
  7. Dada Lo
  8. Yumi
  9. Rainbow
  10. Miyoko E cup baby
  11. Lavina
  12. Marie Zhuge
  13. Dada Chan
  14. Jeana Ho
  15. Phoebe Hui
  16. Irene (new comer as pseudo-model)
  17. Ar Yu (new comer as pseudo-model)
  18. Vilian (new comer as pseudo-model)
  19. Caroline (new comer as pseudo-model)
  20. Sweet (new comer as pseudo-model)
  21. Evelyn Choi
  22. Mia

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