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Saturday, August 18, 2012

4 Tantalizing Places in Moscow (Russia)

There is no doubt that as the capital city of Russia, Moscow is one of the big city in the world which has many gorgeous and tantalizing places to visit for the holiday. Moscow itself is located in Central Federal District. The city is growing faster and faster to be the most modern city in the world.

Beside the beauty of Moskva River which flow in the center of the city, Moscow also very famous for tourist destination. There are at least 4 tantalizing places in Moscow which I suggest for those who like to go traveling around the world. What are they? Let's check it out! 

1. The Kremlin
The first gorgeous and tantalizing places in Moscow is The Kremlin. I believe that you the reader know about The Kremlin.  Yes, this is the most popular tourist attraction in Moscow and Russia. People who visit Russia, they must visit The Kremlin. Kremlin is located in the center of Moscow. We all believe that The Kremlin is very popular for monumental towers and walls, fabulous golden domed cathedral and gorgeous ancient palace. All of them standing on the Hill of Borovitskiy in the bank of Moskva River. 

The Kremlin has been used as the official residence of the Russian President since 1991. The Kremlin has been decided to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Inside The Kremlin, you can visit fabulous the Armoury Chamber, very well known Assumption Cathedral, and many others. If you are interested to visit The Tantalizing Kremlin, you can visit daily except Thursday start from 10.00 - 17.00. You can get The Kremlin by subway Borovitskaya Station. 

2. The Gorky Park
The second fabulous and tantalizing places in Moscow is The Gorky Park. The Gorky Park which is also known as The Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is one of the most famous amusement park in Moskwo and Russia. The Gorky Park is situated in Krymsky Val. The Gorky Park was built just across the Moskwo River and opened since 1928. The Gorky Park extend outward along the bank of the Moskva River. The Gorky Park is divide into to part for Children Area and Older Area.

Just like another Amusement Park, The Gorky Park offers us many fabulous rides. You can try and enjoy amazing Rollercoaster and Funfair rides. In addition, don't forget to hire horse and boat there. The Gorky Park also offers ice skating area in winter. You can also enjoy fabulous Soviet Space Shutle Buran. If you are interested to visit The Gorky Park, you can visit daily from 10.00 - 22.00 by Park Cultury or Oktiabrskaya Metro Station.

3. The State Historical Museum
The next fabulous and tantalizing places in Moscow is The State Museum which is also known as The State Historical Museum. The State Museum was firstly open in 1984. The State Museum was built as the result of long project to build up many kinds of gorgeous anthropological and archaelogical collection into one museum so that it can tell a whole story of the Russian History. That is why each room in this fabulous Hystorical State Museum is decorated in different style. You can see how Russia grow from time to time in this museum.

If you are interested to visit Tantalizing Historical State Museum, You can visit daily (except Tuesday) from 11.00 - 19.00 by Metro Station Okhotny Ryad or Ploshad Revolutsii. If you are hungry during walk around the museum, you can rest at the restaurant, Red Square 1.

4. The Ice Sculpture Gallery
The last tantalizing places in Moscow which I suggest is Ice Sculpture Gallery. The Amazing Ice Sculpture Gallery is one of the most visited tourist spot in Moscow. The Ice Sculpture Gallery open all year long because the temperature is kept at 10 degree Celsius. This is to keep the ice creation and to prevent the ice melting. The Ice Sculpture Gallery offers many kinds of ice sculpture by Russian Ice Sculpture.

You can enjoy the beautiful creation of ice sculpture accompanied by music and wonderful light. Don't forget to wear your thick jacket, gloves, hat and special shoes when you walk around the gallery. You will never regret to visit The Ice Sculpture Gallery.

That are the four tantalizing places in Moscow. You can visit with your family in your next holiday. You will never regret to visit them. Happy traveling.

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